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Moss Removal

Pressure washing may remove visible moss from your roof but it probably won't get the spores, meaning the moss can regrow quickly. Softwashing will remove spores too.

Moss Removal Services With Softwashing UK

There are various areas of a property where moss may need to be removed. Roof moss removal in particular is often in demand, at Softwashing UK we speciase in cleaning moss from roof.

The north and east aspects of a roof, where there is less sunlight, are generally more prone to moss infection, but moss can easily spread to cover the entire roof. While it is important not to overstate the risks, left untreated moss can pose serious problems for a home owner. When selling a property, the survey will nearly always advise the removal of moss.  Moss will counteract the water run-off angle of the roof, and will act like a sponge, keeping water and moisture on the roof surface for weeks and months on end.  Wet moss can also be over 5 times heavier than dry moss, and frozen moss during winter can lead to the brittling of tiles. Over time the presence of roof moss leads to the erosion of tiles, shingle, slate, and other roof materials. Moss removal is recommended immediately when it spreads from the roof to the guttering, as this will affect the building’s resilience against damp, which in turn can severely impact structural integrity.

Pressure washing is not recommended for moss removal. The National Federation of Roofing Contractors are clear in that the high pressure, aggressive removal of moss will pose structural questions to roof integrity.  Softwashing is far less riskier, and will eliminate the spores that lead to moss reinfection.  

Where appropriate, such as when lichen is not present for example, we will remove moss using extendable plastic trowels, brushes, and hoes, to keep footfall on the roof to a minimum.

We will remove moss using designated disinfectant blends that are designed to eliminate non vascular infectants such as moss.

Our softwash disinfectant blends attack the root systems of moss, they are a proven moss killer, and they keep costs and repeat interventions to the absolute minimum.

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