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Sto Render Cleaning Bournemouth- Sto Render Cleaning at the Pinnacle

The Sto Render properties at The Pinnacle Apartments, Bournemouth, had become colonised by organic growth. The residents had become frustrated as a number of contractors had refused to quote for cleaning and restoring the render on these properties. The issue was two-fold. Firstly, Sto render can be problematic to restore. while Sto can be applied on many elevations, even curved ones, easily, it is much thinner than other render substrates, and is brittle and can crack easily during maintenance. Secondly, access at The Pinnacle was not easy.  Specialist access equipment was required to reach all elevations. This was compounded as the apartment buildings are adjacent to a busy road. This meant that traffic management, which requires designated qualifications, was also required. This job was simply too big and too complex for most contractors.


Softwasing UK were able to clean render at The Pinnacle Apartments in Bournemouth. With a large degree of planning, and leveraging all our expertise, were able to deliver some exceptional results, that pleased residents and property managers alike. We organised road closures and specialist signs and diversions to be out in place, including re-routing a popular local bus service. This was all done legally using our Street Works qualifications. We also organised state of the art access equipment so all elevations could be reached. Stewards were on site to assist residents and visitors in this heavily populated area. Two courses of treatment were used on these properties. The first was the Historic England recommended Doff Steam System, the second was a course of biocidal treatment to kill all organic growth at root system. These two treatments cleaned the render, restoring it to optimum condition.


After successfully restoring and cleaning render at The Pinnacle, Bournemouth, Softwashing UK has gone on to win more contracts in the area with the client.


To discuss cleaning your render, and apartment cleaning, in bournemouth and across the UK, contact Softwashing UK today.




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