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K-Rend Cleaning in Caerphilly- Softwashing UK Case Study


K-Rend Cleaning in Caerphilly

These properties in Hengoed, Caerphilly, were in urgent need of softwashing, you can see from the photos that the K-rend cleaning was a must. Organic growth can take many forms, and in this particular instance the K-Rend had become colonised with a diverse biofilm or organic growth that required specialist treatment to remove. This biofilm principally consisted of single cell green algae, and black mould. The most common black moulds on a building substrate are Aspergillus Niger and Gloecapsa Magma. With our cutting edge softwashing techniques we were able to get these properties cleaned and treated in no time. With most of the work being completed from the safety of the ground. K-Rend cleaning in Caerphilly is one of our specialities.

When we were initially contacted to complete this K-Rend cleaning in Caerphilly the residents were convinced painting would be necessary, and that it would not be possible to clean the K-Rend to remove the organic growth, as it had become quite advanced and well established. We reassured the residents that the increased costs of repainting would not be necessary. What is more the render would be easier and cheaper to maintain in the future if it were not painted, and that we would be able to get the render into an excellent condition, close to as new.

Using water fed poles we cleaned and treated the building with biocide, and also used the Doff Steam system to clan the render. These treatments in combination had a very beneficial effect, as predicted, on the render. The biocide penetrated the growth at root system, killing it and removing the worst of it. Localised stain removal treatments eliminated the black staining.  The Doff steam system had a deep cleaning effect. 

Softwashing UK are trained and qualified by K-Rend to clean and treat their renders, and also to repair and seal them.

To discuss a K-Rend cleaning in Caerphilly or elsewhere please contact Softwashing UK today for a quotation.

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