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Conventional cleaning methods can damage or degrade stone, accelerating erosion and decay. Softwashing both cleans and protects any stonework.

Conventional cleaning methods can damage or degrade stone, accelerating erosion and decay. Softwashing both cleans and protects any stonework.

Regular scheduled stone cleaning, using specific procedures and inspections, are recommended to keep high value or conservation stonework in prime condition.

Before cleaning stone it is first vital to identify the type of stone it is. Natural stone is classified into two categories: siliceous stone or calcareous stone. Knowing the difference between these two is critical when defining the right cleaning process or selecting the appropriate blend of detergent.

Siliceous stone is made of quartz style particles, it is hard and long-lasting, and only mild acidic cleaning products are recommended. Types of siliceous stone include granite, quartzite, slate, and sandstone. Calcareous stone is made of calcium carbonate particles, and includes Marble, limestone, and onyx. However, acidic cleaning agents are not recommended at all for Calcareous stone. There are various scientific tests that can be performed though, should the stone classification be unclear.

Before proceeding to clean the stone, it is also important to establish to the condition of the stone. Where tiling is present, any cracks and evenness should be considered.  Any type of finish, coating, enhancer, or sealant used on the stone should also be identified.  The nature of any staining and the type of infection present should be analysed. It may be necessary to undertake preparatory work before cleaning the stone. Uneven tiles or cracked tiles may need to be repaired or replaced and the floor or wall resurfaced. Any sensitive garden, border, furniture, decoration, or trim should be appropriately protected beforehand as well.

Only once these steps have been taken can the stonework be treated with by softwashing. Depending on the job at hand we will the Doff or Vortex cleaning systems. Our low pressure systems work to cleanse the stone using detergent blends designed to kill off any organic infectants. High pressure washing is not recommended for any form of masonry cleaning due to the damage it can cause. Selecting companies that offer stone cleaning services can be difficult. Look for specialists who can provide expertise. Softwash treatments, deployed with the right level of care and attention to detail, will keep stonework maintained with its cosmetics at their best.

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