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Exterior painting- painting building exteriors

Exterior painting- painting building exteriors

There is far more to exterior painting than meets the eye. Not only does the paint, to the exact colour required, need to be applied professionally and efficiently, but the building’s substrate needs to be ready to be painted in the first place. Painting a building exterior before it is ready is just papering over the cracks, and you will have to invest more money a few months or years later on repainting, or even structural remedies.

Before a building is repainted you need to make sure it is watertight, clean, and free of organic growth. If not the property will be damaged, as water enters, and the growth continues feeding off the building’s substrate. In general terms it is nearly always a very bad idea to paint a rendered property. 90% of the time render can be repaired, the cracks filled, and the surface sealed against the elements. Cleaning and removing the organic growth and traffic film will have a huge impact, returning the property to optimum condition, for a fraction of the cost of repainting. Sometimes painting a building is necessary however, and in these instances Softwashing UK are on hand to deliver exceptional services.

When working with us we will assess each job on its merits. We will advise where cleaning is sufficient, and when painting is necessary. And give an itemised quote for both cleaning and painting, so you can chose to use our services for either or both.

We use scaffold, ladders, moving elevated work platforms, and abseiling rope access, to ensure access is never an issue. In this way we can clean and paint any building, and manage potentially problematic projects with a high degree of technical complexity.

Our team has over 30 years painting and decorating experience in house, and an extended network of expertise. Put simply we clean, treat, restore, and paint, buildings of all sizes. There is no cleaning or painting job too big or too small for us to tackle.

Contact Softwashing UK today to discuss painting your building.

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