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Cleaning and disinfecting the Coronavirus

Covid 19 and the coronavirus are really having an impact on the UK. Socially things are very difficult during lockdown. The economic impact is massive too. Regrettably the UK now has the highest number of mortalities caused by Covid19 in Europe.


Softwashing UK delivers a range of services to clean and decontaminate Covid 19. We specialise in indoor and outdoor decontamination- indoor decontamination will be delivered through our sister company- the Covid 19 Sanitising franchise. We use fully approved treatments, following WHO recommended best practice. This will eliminate the coronavirus from your property after a confirmed or suspected infection.  Softwashing UK has a proven track record in clean up and disinfection. We even featured on ITV News for our work after the recent catastrophic floods in the South of Wales.

What is a Coronavirus?


There are a great variety of coronaviruses. Sometimes these infections are mostly harmless, such as those that cause a common cold, but often they are potentially lethal, Covid19, SARs, and MERS, being good examples. Influenza is also a coronavirus. Covid 19 first appeared in the Chinese province of Wuhan. The UK has been very badly hit by the virus, and now has the worst death rate in Europe. After a suspected or confirmed infection it is really important to make sure your home and business is sanitised properly- to stop others becoming infected and help curtail the spread of the virus.

What exactly are the symptoms Covid19


Everyone's immune system is different- and the infection causes a range of symptoms, ranging from an itchy cough to catastrophic inflammation caused by immune system overload/collapse. Testing is the only way to be certain. It really is vital that homes, businesses, and institutions, have a thorough decontamination to bring security and peace of mind.


How is Covid 19 Caught?


The virus is passed on through the breath, respiratory droplets can be inhaled, or land on a surface that is then touched. The virus can live on a surface, particularly textile, clothes, and upholstery, for several weeks, but it also survives on hard surfaces too. Thorough handwashing, and normal cleaning, can kill and remove the virus- but this can be a hazard if the correct PPE is not used, and some areas are often missed.

How can businesses and institutions stop the spread of infection?

Stay home, save lives- in short- but we advise you to keep up to date with the latest guidance from Public Health England, Wales, Scotland, and the NHS. 

Our expert team is really efficient at decontaminating outdoors- we cover up to 50,000 square feet a day. We disinfect  playgrounds, streets, retail parks, shopping mauls, leisure facilities, and all areas where the public meet.


Our staff wear PPE at all times. We follow WHO guidance to the letter- and public health is our main concern. Protecting our customers, the public at large, and our employees from infection.

24-Hour Virus Decontamination from Softwashing UK

To discuss virus decontamination to protect your staff, customers, and family, contact Softwashing UK today.

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